Investment cooperation on crypto-market. Should I participate?

Cryptorinka is still in a state dominated by “bearish” moods. Prospects for earnings on cryptocurrencies are now significantly different from the opportunities that were in 2017. Many have temporarily decided to wait out.

Initial coin offering (ICO)

Of the options for a fairly rapid increase in the deposit, the most visible part is participation in the ICO. When purchasing prospective tokens at the presale stage, capital can be significantly increased. When coins are listed on stock exchanges, this is usually accompanied by sharp jumps in price. This effect is short-term, but it manifests itself even in situations when the entire market shows a negative trend. Accordingly, the earlier tokens are purchased, the higher the profit margin. It can be not only tens, but also hundreds of percent of the income by the time of admission of a new coin to trading.

Everything sounds beautiful, but the problem is that most of the promising ICO organizers set fairly high entry thresholds. Often, the minimum amount is several tens of thousands of dollars in bitcoins or ethereum. Sometimes, the “minimum salary” exceeds hundreds of thousands of dollars. Private investors cannot afford such sums, so they are grouped together in order to jointly purchase the desired tokens. Recently, this phenomenon has become quite common. Under these tasks, separate sites are created, very often on the basis of telegram channels.

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ICO Telegram

Unfortunately, not everything is so cloudless. As clearly as possible it became visible against the background of the loudest ICO. It is about the brainchild of Pavel Durov Telegram, for which the personal blockchain platform TON (Telegram Open Network) and the cryptocurrency Gram are being created.

Undoubtedly, the person of the creator herself attracts attention and the success that his project has already achieved. At the same time, the main impulse for such a huge stir was the very strict requirements for participation in this ICO. The minimum entry threshold is $ 20 million, which is an absolute record among all previously held presale. In addition to having the necessary amount, the investor must be recognizable in the business world. Also, according to unconfirmed information, people who are on the US, EU, UK and UN Security Council sanctions lists were not allowed to participate. In the contract, which was signed with each of the investors, there is a separate line that it is strictly forbidden to use tokens for the purpose of money laundering or circumventing sanctions.

Thus, ICO Telegram has formed around itself a kind of elite club, which is available only to the elite. At the same time, it is not only potentially profitable, but also very prestigious. The full list of investors who took part in this ICO is not disclosed. According to information that was placed in the media, but was not finally confirmed, the project included such famous people as Roman Abramovich, Sergey Solonin, co-founder of the payment system QIWI, David Yakobashvili, co-founder of Wimm-Bill-Dann, and even one of the founders of cryptocurrency Etherium Acne Buterin. It is also rumored that Telegram tokens were acquired by Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Yuri Milner, co-founder of the Group and several large funds that are located in Silicon Valley.

Against the background of such information it is absolutely not surprising that thousands of private investors around the world are looking for ways to enter TON bypassing the established restrictions. At the same time, they often seize very dubious opportunities.

Telegram experiment

One of the most popular channels in Telegram for cryptocurrency topics conducted an interesting experiment. It was announced the formation of a pool of investors with the aim to invest in TON. The minimum entry threshold is $ 10,000. In just one and a half hours after the offer was published, the channel administrators received requests for participation from potential investors in the amount of more than $ 1.5 million! At the same time, managers noted that 99% of investors had never communicated with admins before, and of course they do not know by sight. After the second message was published that the amount of the pool would be only $ 1 million and the second qualifying stage was planned, messages with proposals to additionally pay money for a 100% guarantee of hitting the pool were poured into a personal message. The most striking thing was

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At the moment, there are a lot of fake offers on joint participation in ICO in the network. Only on pseudo-collections for participation in the ICO Telegram, thousands of people lost their money. People are willing to give money to strangers considering that the potential profit from the transaction outweighs all existing risks. The funny thing is that even now you can find platforms for raising funds to participate in such a sensational project. And this is despite the fact that two pre-ICO stages have already been carried out, the funds from which are sufficient, according to Pavel Durov.

But even in the early stages, in March-April, the attempt to “get through” collectively to this ICO was very doubtful. Due to the not quite transparent presale, it was unclear whether it was possible to legally take part in some kind of investment cooperative. Also voiced information that the investor undertake a long period not to sell coins. And given the fact that the final stage of implementation of TON is scheduled for the end of 2019, what is the overall probability of investors finding the organizers of fees by that moment in order to receive their share?

The prospect is very dubious and is suitable only for lovers of high-risk deals. It is possible to state unequivocally only one thing – loans and debts for the opportunity to invest in Gram, this is an unequivocal way to failure.

If we consider other presails that are currently appearing on the market, group participation in them is no less risky. The likelihood of deception by pseudo-organizers remains too high. At the same time, the potential profit has decreased significantly. Interest in ICO fell and the duration of placement with access to the stock exchange takes much longer. Previously, the process of presale, holding an ICO and getting into the listing of exchanges took about three months. As a result, the coin could show growth and a thousand percent. Now, only the ICO stage takes about six months, and the whole journey takes 8-9 months, after which the growth of tokens shows a modest 30-40% compared to previous results.


As a result, we denote that group participation in an ICO has very high risks with a dubious potential income under current conditions. This option can already be called a long-term investment, but at the moment for such purposes there are simpler ways on the crypto market with risks much less. The most optimal is the purchase of coins a couple of days after it enters the listing on the stock exchange and its value after the standard jump drops below the offering price. Often, it almost reaches the level of cost during presales. Thus, there is no need to “freeze” funds in the hands of unknown and often dubious organizers.