What movies should a trader watch at the weekend?

The best films about the exchange and traders

Do you love stories? Especially if they are clothed in art form. And if there is still about our favorite trading, then the plot is doubly interesting. Therefore, we offer you a selection of films for evening entertainment. You may have already seen all the films from the “ trader ” list recommended for viewing. But if then you were not yet a trader, then you have a unique opportunity to review the same events from the point of view of a new experience. And even take something to note for work and life.

So let’s go!

Wall Street (film, 1987)

Inimitable Michael Douglas plays here the financial villain Gordon Gekko, who seduces young ambitious broker Bud Fox. Fox is desperately seeking the secrets of rapid enrichment and admires the skill of his mentor, buys his support and joins the race for millions. A film about fast money, gorgeous women, opportunities and temptations. What else? About human stupidity and greed, about the pursuit of ghostly happiness, whose name is Money. And it seems to be the most logical and the very first motive for trading. But not everything is as simple as it seems.

There are no economic discoveries in the tape, but the work of the system is clearly visible – how to deal with any information and where to get it, how to make a choice and what to rely on. This film is not only about traders , but also about priorities and understanding what is more important – momentary easy earnings or healthy relationships and the habit of working.

Michael Douglas won an Oscar for his role for good reason – he brilliantly played. And what is interesting, his hero even causes sympathy of the audience, as he has his own philosophy and is convinced of it. This is really a strong personality, deserving respect and recognition.

The film plunges into the atmosphere of the stock market, which was characteristic of the last century, when brokers traded only stocks . It is considered the best in its genre and leads the top films about traders.

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 “Wall Street: money does not sleep” (2010) – the continuation of the cult ribbon.

Shooting a sequel is always risky if the original film became the benchmark of the genre. But the director Oliver Stone once again proved that the level of his skill remained at a height. And even surpassed himself. It’s not easy for a person to understand big business related to stock exchanges. But in the frames of the second tape, the charts and graphs became vivid to such an extent that even a spectator far from the stock exchange understands what the financiers are talking about .

Skillfully selected performers, highly relevant music of Craig Armstrong, allowed the second film, shot almost a quarter of a century later, to take an honorable place on Olympus Cinema. Separate respect I want to say the work of the operator and installers. And it’s great that young actors were not lost at all against the background of our star idols. The tape is worthy to take an honorable place in the list of popular films about traders.

 “Peaceful Warrior” (2006)

The film was based on the book “The Path of the Peaceful Warrior” by Dan Millman, which became a bestseller in 1980.

The tape is more psychological. It looks easy and confirms the theory that all the answers are inside us, not in the outside world. What is important to be aware of the present moment, and not to live past or future. That a matter of life is chosen for love, not for calculation.

Following the development of the plot, you can easily draw a parallel with trading and other aspects of life. Making us happy is the path, not the goal. Any goal is important and necessary, including material. But we should not lose confidence even when we fall, lose a deposit, go into a drawdown.

Yes, it is easy to feel confident after a series of profitable deals. And what is it like to understand that you have been doing the right things for a long time, but still you went to a big minus? How at such moments to think not about that part of the path that led you to a dead end, but about something else – about future successful deals, about where to go next, how to scale the trade?  How to concentrate not on the goal, but on how to reach it? Such an approach will change not only your trade, but also the approach to solving other issues lying in other planes.

The film has a lot of dialogue, returning the hero at the moment “here and now”, which is so important for each trader. And you can get into the moment very simply and quickly. The main thing is to learn to keep yourself in it.

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 Bet on Zero (2016)

The tape is not artistic, but very informative. You will find a story about all sorts of monetary frauds, failed banks, burst trust funds.  

This documentary is also useful for traders , as it is a warning for all naive people who dream of quick money. Here is the investigation of the large-scale financial fraud of the inhabitants of the largest financial pyramid in the whole history of mankind with the familiar name Herbalife. The film’s director set himself the task of bringing the idea to the viewers that there can be no well-fed and serene future with minimal investment and energy costs.

Especially in the area in which you do not understand anything. How is it possible to invest hard earned by hard overworking in some completely incomprehensible schemes? Any investment is preceded by a thorough study of the niche, a prerequisite for this is to have experienced outside advisors for additional safety net.

The tape tells about the research of the hedge fund of Bill Ekman and by the end the viewer is convinced that behind the attractive facade of the world-famous company there is a dangerous scheme with unfair play, financial frauds, loans between the leaders of the company. What is there to believe, and what is not – it’s up to you. But just remember that for any of your choices you are responsible wallet. Therefore, think a hundred times before you attach your money somewhere. 

 “The game for the fall” (2015)

In our opinion one of the best films about traders . The tape is designed as a financial comedy and is based on real events. But this is more of a financial thriller. And the savior of the world banking system is played by handsome Bradd Pitt (ladies, most likely follow the link!). Add to this famously twisted plot about how the world crisis of 2008 was provoked and how it all ended. According to the planned scheme, because of a handful of madmen in one country alone, 8 million people had to lose their jobs, and 6 had to lose their homes. Which is monstrous in itself.

The film crew was very risky, but brought several important points to the viewer:

  • Any man in the street should at least a little to understand the specifics of securities, mortgage lending and banking terms. Not to mention elementary financial literacy. There is a terrific episode in the film, where the cook explains the essence of events to housewives. It turns out that each of them is somehow engaged in trading there, and quite successfully! We also have this very advanced units.
  • You can’t follow the crowd and give way to the hype – the big players change the market situation, because they act just the opposite . And the market can always change.
  • Investigating assets, first of all, see what they are provided with, analyze public reports, close positions in time.
  • If at all corners they shout about the asset’s return, it means that it has reached its peak and buying it now would be the greatest folly .
  • In any system, especially with super-profits, you must be able to get out on time.
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Actions unfold dynamically and to the last keep the viewer in suspense in anticipation of the outcome. Ironically, the guys who wanted to save people’s contributions were forced to participate in the universal deception and even make money on it. Of the new films made about traders , this one will leave a very deep impression on you, believe me.